Overtime Again
Sunday November 14
By: Robert Tongen
It was sunny calm skies and 65 degrees when I arrived at Kiddie Beach this morning just before 8 AM. The crane was working on the breakwater. Peter O'Sullivan already had his boat unloaded. The tide was a couple hours past high and more beach was rapidly appearing. Jason Miller arrived with a different boat that he was testing. Lance Pillsbury rounded out our paddlers this week.

We paddled out to the pond as Jason tested the stability of his loaner boat. He seemed pretty comfortable with his paddle out of the water as we watched the crane, working overtime, filling in what looked to be the last low spot in the breakwater. It looks to the untrained eye that they will soon have the contract completed and move to their next job. My guess is they will not be here in December.

We circumnavigated the breakwater and then decided to paddle to the Port Hueneme Buoy. It was a nice warm relaxing paddle to the buoy and back.

Peter was feeling pretty good because there was no sign of any railings going up on the 3 stairs built on the breakwater.

It was a very nice day to just enjoy being on the water.

That is the way it was the Sunday before the Corn Full Moon, in November 2021.
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