Four Pods of Dolphins
Sunday November 7
By: Robert Tongen
Grey overcast skies met us on a chilly morning at Kiddie Beach. Barge CP 45 was back moored in front of the swim ropes and the crane was not working. Paul Jonason and Peter O'Sullivan were there early, partly due to the change to Standard Time. Soon Lance Pillsbury and Bob Glickman arrived. The tide was high and surging, bringing foam and residue into the corner of the knee wall and beach where we are to launch.

Bob and Lance headed off to the south and reported coming across 4 pods of dolphins.

The rest of us headed out to the pond and a large circuit of the breakwater. We speculated that with a high tide at 10:06 of +6.6 ft. we would likely be able to paddle through the gap in the breakwater where some boulders have not yet been set. Nobody was willing to try it. When we returned to the pond we spotted Jason Miller paddling toward us. His back was bothering him so he got a late start. Jason was paddling without a seat in his kayak and he found it not as tippy.

We all landed back at Kiddie Beach at about the same time. Tony Gonzales arrived at about the same time in his impressive sleek RV. Tony drove down from Bakersfield to donate his unused kayak gear. He had a very nice assortment of gear that will fill out other CKF members gear lockers. There is some more gear that was not claimed, so I will be making a list of it and share with this mailing list in the near future. What a magnanimous gift Tony made to very grateful members. Thank you Tony!

That is the way it was this first day of Standard Time in November 2021.

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