O.T. on the Crane Again
Sunday October 31
By: Robert Tongen
It was high tide and grey calm skies when we launched from Kiddie Beach this morning. Paddlers were Bob Glickman, Jason Miller, Hugh Warren, Bev Waldron, Paul Jonason, Peter O'Sullivan and me. Bev came dressed in a Halloween costume and a kettle of candy treats. Hugh launched from the EZ Launch by the boat ramp. We had not seen him since early summer.

Bob and Hugh paddled to the Pt. Hueneme power plant on smooth seas.

Bev paddled all 3 harbors, (Actually she means the 3 different stages the harbor was built.), or the entire harbor in short order.

Peter, Jason, Paul, and I paddled out to the harbor and watched the huge crane place boulders as it was rebuilding the breakwater. It was a lazy day so a trip around the breakwater, landing on Hollywood Beach, and we decided to intercept Bev in the harbor. She was already back at Kiddie Beach when we paddled over and drifted and visited just outside the swim rope. As we were landing Hugh and Bob arrived from their longer paddle. Several SUP paddlers were decked out in costumes.

As we were cleaning up, Bev's boat slipped and bumped into her leg, causing much bruising on the shin, and a very large blood blister. She headed to an Urgent Care and reports that it will take about 4 weeks to heal. She is not anticipate being “grounded”.

Nobody was alert to mention that tomorrow is Peter's 77th birthday. Happy Birthday Peter!

That is the way it was on Halloween 2021. Remember to turn your clocks back next Saturday.
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