Paddle Before The Rain
Sunday October 24
By: Robert Tongen
Partly cloudy skies, calm winds, and swells surging into the corner of the knee wall and Kiddie Beach we are allowed to use this morning. Peter O'Sullivan and Chad Margolin had there boats off their vehicle when I arrived. Jason Miller pulled in behind me and Bev Waldron arrives soon after. Bob Glickman and Lance Pillsbury arrived soon after. Funny, Lance used to be among the first to arrive, but has been last the last couple of weeks. Could he be getting old?

Bev was off to only paddle one harbor??? Bob, Chad, and Lance were off to the north, paddling to the Oxnard "Peaker" power plant. After they returned, Chad decided to paddle solo to oil platform Gina.

Meanwhile Jason, Peter and I headed out to the pond and were surprised that NOAA's predicted 1 foot swells was more like 1 meter. Jason was testing a new back band and not comfortable, so we decided to go to the EZ Launch so he could get out and adjust it. It needed several adjustments, so when he started cramping up, decided to head back to Kiddie Beach. Peter and I paddled up the channel and intercepted Bev on her return across from the Farmer's Market. We visited as we slowly paddled back to our takeout spot. She informed us that she had new flooring, in her home, installed on Saturday. The installer informed her that she was his Home Economics teacher in Junior High.

It turned out to be a calm sunny day and wonderful for paddling. That is the way it was this Sunday before Halloween, 2021. Don't forget to set your clocks back for next Sunday's paddle.
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