Dolphin in the Harbor and O.T.
Sunday October 17
By: Robert Tongen
On this lovely morning, Paul Jonason and Peter O'Sullivan had their boats unloaded. As we said hello, Peter spotted a dolphin just outside the ropes of Kiddie Beach. It kept going up the channel. The reason we could see the dolphin was because Barge CP 45 had been moved and we could now see it next to the CB Long Beach crane out by the breakwater. The crane was working too. Can you spell O.T. for "Overtime"? Bob Glickman and Lance Pillsbury arrived soon after and we saw them turn south at the end of the breakwater. Not sure how far they paddled or what they saw.

Peter and I watched the crane placing boulders on the breakwater both from the inside and outside of the breakwater. It took along time and several attempts to pick up boulders from the barge and place it in the proper place and direction on the breakwater. Smaller boulders were placed in key places to make the breakwater solid and stable. We kept thinking of how much Joe Barrett would have enjoyed watching and learning, so he could apply it in building the wall in his yard. It was apparent to us that the process of moving and placing the boulders could damage any railings on the 3 new sets of stairs on the breakwater. Maybe they will install them after repair on the breakwater is complete.

Paul explored the pond, then paddled with us around the breakwater. He was off on his own again, and we met up again with Paul practicing sculling and rolling off Kiddie Beach.

That is the way it was, this Sunday before the Hunters Full Moon in October 2023.
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