$12.5 Million
Sunday October 10
By: Robert Tongen
This morning there were no seals barking across from Kiddie Beach. A few were swimming in the harbor. It was a clear calm morning and Peter O'Sullivan and Joe Barrett were unloading boats when I arrived. We visited for a bit when a police cruiser pulled up and a sergeant got out walking towards us. Visions of Joe being handcuffed flashed through my mind. Instead Officer Mark Train asked if we paddled every Sunday and were part of CKF. He wants to join us paddling when he has Sunday mornings off.

When Lance Pillsbury arrived all the excitement was over. He has been having trouble with a sore right wrist when paddling so was going to try a Greenland paddle today. We noticed that the barge CP 45 was now only half full of boulders for repairing the breakwater. Lance and I decided to paddle up the coast and view a beach home in Oxnard Shores that recently sold for $12.5M. We found it halfway between the Mandalay Bay Resort and the power plant. It is a large home right on the beach with several vacant lots to the south of it with a long deck having views all the way south to the breakwater and beyond. We met a couple pairs of dolphins both going up and coming back. It was a great day to be paddling on glassy waters slowly undulating swells helping push us back to the pond. A slight breeze in our face kept us cool. Lance kept analyzing and reporting no pain in his wrist with the Greenland paddle.

Joe and Peter explored all three stairs on the breakwater but did not see and trace of handrails being built on any of them. Joe was not ready to concede the bet until the deadline of New Years Day. Peter is wondering if there is a payoff for each stair or only one covering them all. Might need a lawyer! They made a large loop around the breakwater and then sought refuse for an orange and apple break in the harbor.

It was near perfect day to be paddling this Sunday before Columbus Day 2021.
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