Paddle from Channel Islands Harbor
Sunday October 3
By: Robert Tongen
The first thing noticeable when arriving at Kiddie Beach this morning was another full load of boulders moored right off Kiddie Beach. Boulders are used to repair the breakwater. The large CP crane was now moored in the channel. Jason Miller, Joe Barrett, Bob Glickman, Peter O'Sullivan and I paddled right by it on the way to the pond. We were glad to get to the pond and out of earshot of all the seals that are making the small sand beach on the NW corner of the channel and harbor home. Some of us decided to paddle north and check out the home north of the Mandalay Bay Resort. It recently sold for $12.5 Million. Is was smooth paddling riding good sized swells, was more than some of us were comfortable paddling on. So we turned back, besides, Joe and the oranges were back in the pond. There were several power boats throwing sharp wakes that surprised us when they came up behind us, but our boats all just went with the flow.

A trip around the pond and we headed in to explore the harbor.

It was a nice sunny calm day to be on the water, this second Fall Sunday in 2021.
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