Paddle from Channel Islands Harbor
Sunday September 26
By: Robert Tongen
The skies were cloudy, wind calm, and mild temperature as we prepared to launch from Kiddie Beach this morning. Jason Miller and Peter O'Sullivan were visiting when I arrived, followed by Bob Glickman, then Chad from Simi Valley arrived. As we were introducing ourselves to Chad, Keith Elliot drove up and parked.

Keith told us he contracted COVID about the first of June and is still fighting it. He said his lung capacity was back to 2/3 of full capacity and now they suspect heart issues. He was vaccinated but caught it anyway. He did not paddle but sat on a bench and watched us launch. It was really good to see him. Glad you made the effort to get out and see us Keith.

The first thing we noticed at the beach was the bark of the seals that have taken up residence on a small newly formed beach where the channel into the harbor and the harbor meet. The next notable change was that barge CP 44 was moored near Kiddie Beach was devoid of boulders to be placed to repair the breakwater.

Bob and Chad quickly teamed up and headed of the the Port Hueneme Buoy, Pier, and then on to the Power Station. When they there, the headed toward a freighter that was anchored in that area. The ship blew its whistle, and they took that as a warning and turned back. They came upon a couple pods of dolphins during their travels. Chad was still paddling when we left, so we did not get his last name or contact info.

The rest of us decided on a harbor paddle. Jason set a good pace and the only thing of note is that we did the entire harbor with a break for oranges, like happens when Joe Barrett paddle with us. When we were coming back tour takeout point, we were sure that the seals were now barking from the other side of the harbor. There noise was being echoed off barge CP 44. They were in the same place. We paddled out to the pond and around the breakwater. In two places where they have removed boulders from the breakwater the small swell was coming through.
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