Paddle from Channel Islands Harbor
Sunday September 19
By: Robert Tongen
The marine layer was just lifting as I arrived at Kiddie Beach this morning. Peter had his boat unloaded. A strange vehicle with an orange kayak was parked on the street behind Peter. It was Jason Miller who had not paddled with us for a year or two. Joe Barrett immediately made Jason feel at home. Soon Bob Glickman and Lance Pillsbury arrived and hurried to head to oil platform Gina. There are a couple dozen seals that have taken up residence on a small beach on the corner where the channel joins the harbor. They were continually making a lot of noise.

As we were launching, we noticed a couple launching from the middle of Kiddie Beach. We caught up with them later in the pond and invited Chad and Andrea to join us any Sunday morning. They live in Simi Valley.

Jason was interested in the work being done and placement of boulders on the breakwater. There were 6 or 7 dolphins that came across the North end of the breakwater and kept heading up the beach. He was not accustomed to the confines of his kayak, so we headed to land at Hollywood Beach and stretch our legs a bit. All landed and launched successfully, Jason even retrieved Joe's hat and sponge.

A trip around the breakwater and exploring the harbor wound up the day. As we landed Lance and Bob arrived back from Gina. They reported a harder paddle going out, but having he swells help them on the way back. They did not come across any dolphins.

That was the way it was, this last Summer Sunday and day before the Harvest Full Moon in 2021.
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