Paddle from Channel Islands Harbor
Sunday September 12
By: Robert Tongen
Six paddlers launched from Kiddie Beach under breezy, cool, overcast skies this morning. Peter O'Sullivan had his boat unloaded on to a wheeled cart and was visiting with Joe Barrett when I arrived. The parking on the street along Hobie Beach was lined with vehicles. The sheriff's dept search and rescue dive team was conducting a drill. Soon Ben Lish arrived followed by Bob Glickman, with Bev Waldron bringing up the tail. We headed to the pond, and Bev headed up the harbor.

When we got to the south end of the breakwater there was some discussion between Peter and Joe on whether their bet on when railings would be installed on the cement stairs built on the breakwater, or was the bet for each of the 3 stairs. To be continued! Bob and I decided to paddle to the Port Hueneme Buoy. As we headed that way, just at the south end of the breakwater a large swell came around the end and caught Bob broadside as it was starting to spill white foam over the top. He gave a whoop, slid over it and then over the next one. There was more turbulence than we expected, but was a quick trip to the buoy. There must have been a hundred or so seal all holding up a fin around the buoy. We soon learned there was a good current heading south as we quickly drifted into the middle of the seals and then past the buoy. Visibility was only fair heading back to the breakwater. We could not see it or the crane that is working on the breakwater, until we got quite close. At one point we spotted a large dolphin completely out of the water on our port side. It was moving quickly and came right across our bows.

As Bob and I got close to the pond, we got a radio call from Joe, on channel 16. In excellent radio protocol he instructed to go to channel 68. My radio is set to switch to Channel 69 with the push of a button, so I did and before I could figure out how to step down one channel, I heard Joe hailing me on channel 69. Then some woman's voice started talking, and never did identify herself. I did get the location of Joe and Peter, so paddled that way. Soon I saw them coming down the harbor toward the Coast Guard Station, with Bev. They had met up with a couple of SUP paddlers that told Bev her hair was "Funky". Bev did not take exception to that, but when we mentioned she was "Funky" she did take exception.

Peter reported that the light tower on the north end of the breakwater is back up.

It was still overcast and windy when we left just before noon.

That is the way it was the day after remembering 9/11 20 year anniversary.
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