Paddle from Channel Islands Harbor
Sunday August 29
By: Robert Tongen
Peter O'Sullivan and Joe Barrett had most of the world's problems solved by the time I arrived at Kiddie Beach on this gloomy, misty, breezy morning. We were surprised to see Bev Waldron drive up. A barge loaded with boulders is once again moored just of the swimming rope at Kiddie Beach. We launched ~ 8:30 and headed to the pond to see the progress on the breakwater and three stairs. Peter observed a barge with cement and mixing equipment moored off Kiddie Beach on Wednesday. (Picture attached) The cement mixing barge was gone this morning.

Bev launched a bit later and did a complete harbor paddle.

We observed that all 3 stairs to nowhere have now been poured with cement as well as the base for the light warning tower on the north end of the breakwater. The forms are still on the last 2 stairs and the tower base. No indication that hand rails will be installed yet!

We drifted at a good speed, pushed south by the wind and current, and with the mist it was a bit chilly so we headed to the harbor to see if we could intercept Bev returning from her paddle. We paddled up the main channel, but did not find her, so tried going back and checking the smaller channel, but could not spot her.

We met Ben Lish, his brother Michael, and friend Kristin (sp). Michael was pedaling a inflatable Hobie, sit on top, she was on her second sit in kayak journey and first with a Greenland paddle. Looked comfortable with both!

We saw Bev pulling her boat up to her truck as we arrived at Kiddie Beach.

The sun was trying to break through just as we left the harbor.

That is the way it was, this last Sunday in August 2021. (Where has summer vacation gone?)

Robert Tongen reporting
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