Paddle from Channel Islands Harbor
Sunday August 15
By: Robert Tongen
It was low tide and overcast skies this morning at Kiddie Beach. Joe Barrett had his boat unloaded and Peter O'Sullivan was just unloading his when I arrived this morning. Peter and I were talking about the events in Afghanistan, when Joe came over and introduced his Brother-In-Law, Scott. Scott drove down to see what activity it was Joe was involved in. Before we could discuss much, up walked Paul Jonason. Paul is a long time CKF member and has only paddled a couple of times in the last 10 years. He mentioned that the beautiful sleek Greenland SOF kayak John Peterson made for him was heavier than he remembered when carrying it to the beach. Maybe it had also dried out and shrunk as Paul had to wiggle more than usually to get in. Next up was to get his sea legs back and become comfortable in paddling a skinny boat.

Peter and I headed out to the pond to inspect the work being done on the breakwater. Peter spotted one dolphin as we got into the pond, but did not see it again. Joe hung back to encourage Paul as he became more comfortable in his kayak. The barge moored at Kiddie Beach had many fewer boulders on it than last week. They had been lengthening and widening the north end of the breakwater. It also looks like there will be a cement stairs at both ends and the middle of the breakwater.

We decided to paddle around the breakwater in calm seas. When we got to the south end we looked for Paul and Joe in the pond, but could not spot them, so decided to check on them at Kiddie Beach. Then we heard a storm whistle behind us and saw Joe had followed and was trying to catch us. We drifted and talked for a while before heading back in the harbor. We saw Paul's kayak on the beach as we went by. Peter thought he saw Paul in the beach shower. We paddled up the harbor a ways, then we did some rolls at Hobie Beach. Joe was kind enough to point out that Peter's rolls were just like Helen Wilson's. Time to call it a day.

Paul was gone by the time we got back. We would have liked to learn what he has been up to the last few years. It was a nice day to be on the water. Even Kiddie Beach was not too busy when we landed just before noon.

That is the way it was one week before the Sturgeon full moon in August 2021.
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