Paddle from Channel Islands Harbor
Monday August 9
By: Robert Tongen
Bob Glickman, Lance Pillsbury, Bill Kroll, Peter O'Sullivan, Joe Barrett and I launched from Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard Sunday morning. There was another barge loaded with boulders and rocks for the breakwater, anchored just off Kiddie Beach. The skies were overcast, calm winds and seas. Lance and Bob headed south while the rest of us inspected the breakwater repair and two stairwells being built on the breakwater.

There were a lot of bait fish jumping from the water but the birds were not feeding. One of the stairwells had the forms off, but signs were posted to Keep Out and No Trespassing. The forms were now set up in the center of the breakwater. The light tower was missing on the north end of the breakwater. It appears they were changing the north end but adding more rocks and maybe making it wider. We later saw the light tower laying on the huge crane barge. The water was smooth and easy paddling.

Bob and Lance paddled about a mile past the Hueneme Pier also observing many surges of bait fish, a couple pods of Dolphins, but birds were not feeding.

The last we saw, Bill was heading back out the channel for more easy paddling on glassy waters.

That is the way it was this second Sunday in August 2021.
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