Paddle from Channel Islands Harbor
Sunday July 25
By: Robert Tongen
The first thing we noticed at Kiddie Beach, in Channel Islands Harbor, was the breakwater supply barge, only had small rocks left on it. Peter O'Sullivan and Joe Barrett already had their boats on the beach when I arrived with the marine layer thick. It was clam and the ocean was flat. We headed to the pond to check on progress of the breakwater repair and the stair.ladder being built on it. The forms were still on the stairs, but it looked like they had started setting the forms for a second one in the middle of the breakwater. There is a part of the breakwater where they are repositioning some of the rocks, that on a real high tide we could have paddled through. Our guess is the order is out to "get me the rock" so we can complete repairs on the breakwater. Likely we will see another barge loaded with boulders next week so they can complete repairs on the breakwater.

We saw a couple of large dolphins slowly cruise through the pond. Then met Phil, who kayaks from his live aboard in the harbor. He had just returned from a loop cross county to SC and back. We made a lazy trip around the breakwater, then headed up the harbor investigating the small channel near the EZ Launch. We stopped and looked at a orange craft that was a single very narrow hull with solar panels on it and on the wing like sail. The sign on it said something like, it was a remote scientific craft. The wing like sail looked to have run into something and had a large crack in it.

As we paddled, we reminisced about paddling with Bob McMurray, doing our version of a remote Paddle Out from the one being held in Long Beach. I paddled the S&G kayak, that Bob gave me the templates for and advice on how to build 11 years ago. It is a pleasure to paddle. You are missed Bob!

That is the way it was this last Sunday in July, 2021.
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