Paddle from Channel Islands Harbor
Sunday July 11
By: Robert Tongen
It was a 69 degree day when we launched from Kiddie Beach at low tide this morning. Joe Barrett was there first and his boat was on the beach by the time Peter O'Sullivan and I arrived. Joe is such a gentleman, that he held back so Peter could claim first to launch honors. We looked for Hugh Warren, but did not see him in the parking lot. By the time we got to the pond, Hugh joined us. He had launched from the EZ Launch by the boat ramp. We examined the repairs on the breakwater, with particle interest in the re-bar work that is going on on the south end. We speculated that it would be a stairs from the low tide line to the top of the breakwater. Joe speculated that it was going to be a stairs to allow easier access for changing the light bulb in the south marker. We saw the rocks on the north end were marked with florescent paint "22 X 13". Again we speculated what the numbers mean, but decided we will need to watch to see what happens there.

There were large flocks of pelicans landing and taking off from the breakwater, but we could not discern where they were heading or coming from. There was some speculation that the pelican droppings might blot out the florescent paint from the breakwater repair crew.

Hugh and I made a trip north and south on the outside of the breakwater. The NNW wind at 5 - 10 Kts. made it warm going south and cooler, but harder paddling going north. The water and wind felt warm. The newspaper showed water temp of 67 degrees. Joe treated us all to an orange before heading to check out the crazy water. As we arrived there Peter and I caught a nice ride on a wave. We played in there for a while and it was just the right tide and swells to make it fun, but no carnage.

As the marine layer came back, we headed to the harbor. Peter and Joe paddled up the harbor. Hugh and I headed to Hobie Beach. Hugh demonstrated Helen Wilson's strategy of practicing a static brace with a paddle float on his arm. Cool! My plan for the day was testing how my skills were, getting back in my boat. I started by trying to roll. The first one was really ugly, and the second failed because I was not firmly planted in my seat. So that led me directly to seeing how to get back in both a cowboy and paddle float attempt worked, but need a lot of practice. A boat half full of water complicates both methods.

Hugh headed back to the EZ Launch and I met Peter and Joe before calling it a day.

That was the way it was paddling on the second Sunday in July 2021.
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