Too Long Since Last Paddle
Sunday January 6
By: Ben Lish
We had a very nice paddle today. Joe Barrett, Peter O'Sullivan, Lance Pillsbury and myself set off and the dredge was going. The four of us paddled out to the breakwater and we made our way out towards the Port Hueneme Buoy. Lance and I kept going and there were some big swells, but as we got closer to the buoy the swells were not as big. It was a beautiful blue sky and no wind and no chop. We turned around the buoy and then headed back towards the breakwater. We went around the far end and it was a little rougher and it was definitely rough coming back in to the harbor. Made our way in the pond around the dredge and met up with Joe and Peter. We took a leisurely paddle into the harbor.

I think it has been almost two years since I was out for a sunday paddle. It was great to see Joe and Peter and Lance.

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