Only Two!
Sunday October 21
By: Robert Tongen
Peter O'Sullivan and I launched at high tide this morning from Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard. Under sunny skies we paddled on smooth undulating water north up toward the Oxnard Power Plant. Good sized breakers were crashing right on the beach.

A breeze picked up as we returned and paddled around the breakwater. We decided to land in the pond and stretch a bit. We found a relatively flat beach in a spot that is normally quite steep making for a easy landing and launch. Soon we were paddling around in the harbor and noticed that there is a different sailboat in the slip where John Peterson's beautiful Minke is normally berthed. We decided that one day when there are Santa Ana winds, we will do a harbor paddle and see if we see a new berth for it.

Arriving back at Kiddie Beach we were the only two using it, while more than a dozen were using Hobie Beach.

That is the way it was this 21st day of October 2018.

Robert Tongen reporting.
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