Big Swell Day
Sunday October 7
By: Robert Tongen
The breakwater at Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard was being regularilly being coated with a cap of white foam from the swells and high tide. It was a sunny calm morning when Joe Barrett, Bob Glicksman, Keith Elliott, Jory Kahn, Peter O'Sullivan and I launched at Kiddie Beach with the large swells and high tide providing a swirling action right on the beach. All, in their own fashion launched without incident.

Lance and Bob, who has not paddles for many weeks due to a shoulder injury, headed to Hueneme Buoy on a test paddle. Bob decided that was enough of a test for the day.

After watching the surf crash into the north end of the breakwater several of us followed Joe out past the row of lobster traps in a North North West direction. Without any wind the water was smooth as we paddled over the swells. There was a good current pulling us more north as we paddled NNW. When we turned back it was a good distance back to the breakwater.

As we sat in the waves, swells, and churn from the swells hitting the north end of the breakwater, we learned that Jory, while surfing, had gotten rolled but came right back up. His cap was not so adept.

After a couple traverses on the outside of the breakwater we headed back to Kiddie Beach. Before we got there Jory and Lance demonstrated some nice rolls. Jory even tried a hand roll that almost worked.

It was a swell day on the water.

That is the way it was the day of the SpaceX launch and 1st recovery of the initial stage rocket landing at Vandenberg Air Force Base.
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