Fall from 6 to 3
Sunday September 23
By: Robert Tongen
Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard met us with warm, overcast, hazy, slight breeze and calm seas. One unnamed paddler committed to paddle but changed their mind. Keith Elliott arrived but did not feel well so did not paddle. Pam Schlotter paddled over to Kiddie Beach from home and then paddled back home. That left Peter O'Sullivan, Lance Pillsbury and I to paddle to the Hueneme Buoy and Pier.

We found paddling easy on smooth, but undulating seas. Soon we spotted ahead of us in the haze dolphins leaping and frollicing, so we headed that way. Soon we were in the middle of a small pod and this is always a treat. Peter saw one swim under his kayak and turn his head to check out Peter. Hope he enjoyed the sight as much as Peter did.

Lance, of course, led us to the Buoy and then to the Pier. It was fun to see the significantly larger swells down by the Port of Hueneme. We enjoyed riding them as we watched a container ship being unloaded in the Harbor.

By the time we got back to the pond, the water was all but flat. After we made a trip around the breakwater and a few rolls, we called it a day.

Really nice to enjoy the ocean on this first Sunday in 2018.
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