Bird of Prey
Sunday September 16
By: Robert Tongen
Peter O'Sullivan, Lance Fitzpatrick, Jory Kahn, Jason Miller, and I launched from Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard this morning. Pam Schlotter paddled over from her home and met us at Kiddie Beach. We headed to the pond with the intention of finding the weather buoy NW of the breakwater. Peter and Jason decided to try surfing. Pam, I believe decided on a harbor paddle.

So Lance, Jory, and I headed WNW from the north end of the breakwater and were surprised at the swells coming at us. It was fun bouncing over the bigger swells with smooth water in between. About the time the wind strengthened we spotted the weather buoy a little more of a northern track so an adjustment to starboard we headed straight toward it. By this time the swells and wind waves had increased, but we would have them at our back on the return. Jory learned the buoy just looks like a large post sticking straight out of the water, painted a light yellow color, with a few antennas on top, and a W in reflective tape on 2 sides. Someone had added a baseball type cap on the top. As we sat there and visited it was noted there was a current pushing us south. It was a fun paddle back to the pond finding some swells to ride while being pushed by the wind.

As we approached the breakwater we were met by Peter and Jason who paddled out. Peter had been working with Jason on landings and launches and becoming comfortable in rougher water. Paddling out to meet us proved the exercises had born fruit. Was Peter the bird of prey? Or Jason's reason to pray?

When we returned to the breakwater, Jason spotted and pointed out the real bird of prey as it landed on the breakwater tower, an Osprey!

That is the way it was this third Sunday in September 2018.

Robert Tongen reporting.
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