Rollin! Rollin! Rollin!
Sunday September 2
By: Robert Tongen
Only Bev Waldron, Hoboken Joe Barrett, Peter O'Sullivan and I launched from Kiddie Beach this morning under overcast skies, slight swell and breeze.

Bev headed off for a harbor paddle and the rest to the pond. Joe wanted to work on his roll, and arriving at the pond, cranked off 2 out of 3 tries, but a bow rescue from Peter had him back up quickly. We headed north of the breakwater into the breeze and swells. The water was noticeably warmer out beyond the breakwater than either the pond or the harbor.Re-entering the pond we heard a boat call for help, taking on water and a mile out beyond the south end of the breakwater. The Harbor Patrol sent a boat out and met the distressed boat at the end of the channel. From our point of view it was kind of a non event.

At Hobie Beach, Joe tried rolling again and completed at least 5 in a row. Great day for him!

That is the way it was, this Labor Day Weekend Sunday.

Robert Tongen reporting.
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