Surprise, Suprise, Suprise
Sunday August 26
By: Robert Tongen
It was warm, overcast, smooth, morning with only a slight breeze as we prepared to paddle this morning at Channel Islands Harbor. Lance Pillsbury, Peter O'Sullivan, Joe Barrett, and I were first surprise when Bev Waldron showed up to paddle on the first Sunday in at least a year.

Lance headed out to the Port Hueneme Buoy and Pier. Joe had been practicing his kayak re-entry and wanted to practice that and rolling again at Hobie Beach. Bev stopped to see instructions were being given correctly before venturing off to paddle the harbor.

After practicing at Hobie Beach, we headed to the pond where we saw only a slight swell with waves breaking right on the beach. As we were drawn by the current out beyond and north of the breakwater, the swell was gaining strength. Peter challenged Joe to try his reentry in the swells. Joe performed smoothly doing a paddle float reentry, but by now the swells had grown, where he asked for Peter to stabilize his boat while he pumped out.

We decided to head in and see if we could intercept Bev in the harbor, but were distracted by two paddlers, one of which I thought was Lance returning. But surprise number 2 was, it was Michael and Ray Herbst (sp) whe we had not seen for maybe a couple of years. Think they were out relieving stress from their daughter's wedding next week. While visiting with them watched a number of fish jump and a couple of seals frollicing and calling to each other.

By that time, Bev radioed telling us that she was back at Kiddie Beach and loading her boat.

Suprise number 3 was seeing Tom, who had joined us for our practice day last week, in a borrowed kayak, make a perfect 3 point landing at Kiddie in his new kayak.

Bev went for a walk, but joined us at lunch for tea.

That is the way it was this Sunday proper to Labor Day weekend.
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