2018 Practice Day
Sunday August 19
By: Robert Tongen
Seventeen kayak paddlers met this morning at Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard. Some to participate some to observe as we practiced how to self and assist rescue paddlers.

There were a number new to our regular group; (Hope the names are correct) Cindy, Roger, Will and his wife (Sorry cannot remember the name.), Aaron, Scott, Tom, and Thorsten with his surf ski. Others were Bev, Lance, Bob, Keith, Jason, Joe, Dick, Peter, Jory, and myself.

It was a beautiful warm, calm, sunny day with small swells. We did self introductions of ourselves and what we expected to get out of the day at Kiddie Beach. Then we launched and moved over to Hobie Beach to demonstrate and practice. Soon there were paddle float rescues, T-rescues, cowboy reentry, rolls, reentry & rolls, etc being performed by those that chose to participate. Aaron, a early teen paddler with 2 weeks experience, easily learned how to get out and back in a SOT, as well as how to flip the kayak over. Impressive!

We then moved to the pond for more of the same plus some.

As we were finishing up 4 dolphins cruised by between us and the beach, to check out our activities.

Jory mentioned he wished someone had a camera, and I remembered I did.

Seven of us had lunch together.

That is the way the practice day unfolded.
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