Rescue, Drift, Slog
Sunday August 12
By: Robert Tongen
On a warm calm morning Lance Pillsbury, Maryke Brannon, Keith Elliott, Jason Miller, Peter O'Sullivan, Dick Brannon, Joe Barrett, and I Launched from Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor. Our intent was to prepare for the Kayak Rescue Practice next Sunday, August 19. Keith was paddling his new to him, Polaris II 1980's 18 ft. kayak that is in perfect condition. He seemed to glide across the water.

The wind picked up from the south as we paddled against a strong incoming tidal flow out the channel. Reaching the pond, Maryke was first to overturn and try a paddle float reentry. Soon we were all participating or observing failed and successful paddle float reentry, T-rescue, rolls, and reentry rolls. This was happening as the wind and a strong current pushed us north. Before we realized it we were nearly in front of the Mandalay Bay Resort. It was a tough slog back south against the current and wind waves that picked up. It was a fun paddle on the outside of the breakwater.

We all ended the paddle tired, enthused, and happy.

That is the way it was the Sunday before the Kayak Rescue Practice Day.
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