Foggy Glass
Sunday August 5
By: Robert Tongen
This morning at Channel Islands Harbor seven CKF members launched from Kiddie Beach. It was a warm, calm morning with a light fog greeting, Jory Kahn, Keith Elliott, Bob Glickman, Lance Pillsbury, Joe Barrett, Peter O'Sullivan and me.

Lance and Bob were soon headed for the Hueneme Power Plant on water that was like glass. The rest of us looked at the no surf in the pond. Peter tested the small washover at the north end of the breakwater, before we headed west and were greeted by a large pod of small dolphins with many babies with them, moving quickly heading southwest. On the glassy water and light fog it was a picturesque sight to treasure. Lance reported they paid a visit to he and Bob as well.

It was a lazy paddle day but it would be remiss to not note that Joe was the first one to launch today. Five of us had lunch together after the paddle.

That is the way it was the first Sunday in August.
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