Sunday July 22
By: Robert Tongen
There were 6 paddlers launching at Kiddie Beach on Channel Islands Harbor. Lance Pillsbury, Jory Kahn, Jason Miller, Keith Elliott, Peter O'Sullivan, Billie Kroll and myself all accessed the weather and water conditions and dressed as we thought would be best for each.

Lance headed to the Hueneme Buoy and reported rougher seas close to the buoy. Peter worked with Jason on rolling and we all worked on self or assisted rescues or rolls/sculling. There was plenty of sunshine, light wind and warm water. Places the water was much warmer, which felt like bathwater making us wonder where the soap was. Some soap would have helped us slide back into our cockpits!

Remember we will be holding a "Rescue Skills Practice Day on Sunday, August 19, launching from Kiddie Beach.

That is the way it was, this 4th Sunday in July 2018.
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