Self Rescue or T-Rescue?
Sunday July 15
By: Robert Tongen
Channel Islands Harbor was overcast, calm, but warm when Keith Elliot, Lance Pillsbury, Peter O'Sullivan, Joe Barrett, Jason Miller and I arrived this morning. Just as we were about to launch George Miller and Jendrew (sp), visiting from Africa paddled up so we had a nice short visit. There was a molten lobster shell on Kiddie Beach that Jendrew took a liking to.

Lance headed off to the Hueneme Buoy wild the rest of us watched Peter helped Jason attempt his first roll. Close, but no cigar. Soon we headed to the pond and heard on the radio TowboatUS announce they were going to be pulling a sailboat off the beach just north of the breakwater. We headed that way when one paddler went over, coming up asking, "Should I do a self rescue or a T-rescue?" as he reached for his paddle float. Before it could be executed we were pretty close to the surf, so he got a ride on the bow of a boat, and his boat was towed out where the two could be together again. Now a quick T-rescue was executed and we were back on our way, when a large swell caused another capsize, or maybe we needed more practice on rescues.

Most of us missed the sailboat being towed off the beach, but Lance having heard about the tow, hightailed it back from the buoy in time to see it.

Lance & I made a very interesting trip around the breakwater in confused seas, being slammed with waves many times. The others headed back to Hobie Beach for another rolling session and observation. The water was significantly colder at Hobie now, so Peter ended it by doing a re-entry roll.

That is the way it was, this 15th day of July 2018.
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