New - New/old Paddlers
Sunday July 8
By: Robert Tongen
This morning at Channel Islands Harbor we were surprised to see Jason Miller, from Camarillo, arrive for his second paddle in his Northwestern Tempest 165. His first was a year ago. Also a surprise was Billie Kroll, from Marina Del Mar, with his Valley Avocet, a long time CKF Member we see a couple times a year. They joined Joe Barrett, Bob Glicksman, Lance Pillsbury, Peter O'Sullivan, Keith Elliott, and I, to paddle on an unusually warm sunny calm morning.

Most decided to launch from Hobie Beach after hearing Keith's experience with a crowded Kiddie Beach and swimmers in the paddling lane.

Lance and Bob were soon off to the Hueneme Buoy and Pier. The rest of us were planning to paddle and practice rescues in the pond. Jason led all paddlers to the pond. Peter soon had Jason in the water to practice a T-rescue. Then it was time for Jason to rescue Peter. Next we headed out around the breakwater, where Peter had Jason paddle closest to the breakwater and feel the reflective waves. He was nervous but showed composure all the way around.

We heard from Billie about his serious assault, battery, and recovery.

There were some more rolls and rescues. Some of the rescues looked like the proverbial "monkey and a football".

As we were cleaning up we were very aware of the 85 degree day at the beach.

At lunch we discussed the upcoming practice day on 8/19 that is listed on the CKF Event Calendar.

Think all had a good day, but wished they were back on the water instead of the heat.

That is the way it was this hot Sunday in July 2018.
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