Gentle Dog?
Thursday July 5
By: Robert Tongen
This morning at Channel Islands Harbor I was cordially greeted by Ben. Then I saw Bev Waldron, and Hoboken Joe Barrett with a leash in his hand. Now Ben is a Bernese Mountain Dog that the last time I met him he was barking and lunging at me, but today he was anxious to be petted, and relaxed. He seemed to be happy to be with both Bev and I. Could it be the beach does that to everyone?

As we stood and visited, we watched a day worker cleaning up the parking lot at Kiddie Beach after the 4th of July. He was wearing flip flops, looked like a 30+ year old surfer. He never stopped working, quickly cleaning the parking lot and beach. Another worker was walking with his bike in hand, using a reaching device to pick up objects. He on the other hand was not accomplishing much.

Bev and I decided to do a harbor paddle and soon launched while Hoboken and Ben sat on the beach and waved goodbye. We paddled about 80% of the harbor and the wind had steadily increased all morning. After Bev decided she had enough, I had a tough slog against the wind to the pond. Heading to the north end of the breakwater there were steady 2+ foot waves with whitecaps to battle all the way. The wind had moderated some when loading the boat on the car.

As I was ready to leave Keith Elliott and his wife arrived and after a short talk they headed off on their paddle.

It was nice to paddle and catch up with Bev and pet Ben.

That is the way it was this day after the 4th of July 2018.
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