66 Degree Water
Sunday July 1
By: Robert Tongen
With overcast skies, calm seas, and light breeze, Maryke Brannon, Joe Barrett, Peter O'Sullivan, Lance Pillsbury, Bob Glicksman, Dick Brannon, and I enjoyed launching from Kiddie Beach this morning. The major group headed toward the Hueneme Buoy and then on to the pier. The limp, lame and lazy (Joe, Peter, and I) paddled toward the Mandolay Resort meeting 2 dolphins on the way.

The buoy group were lucky to meet up with a couple pods of dolphins feeding on their paddle. They noted a buoy off the pier that was put there for the lifeguards to swim around as part of their training.

The rest of us made a trip around the breakwater and then headed to the pond and test our rescue/rolling skills. We soon learned how rusty we were at both, but were able to accomplish them. The warm water was comfortable, so there was no shock going in or working through the not so smooth rescues. We then landed on the pond beach and spotted the rest of the group returning from the pier.

Soon they were either testing their rolls or beach landing and launches. Wet but still warm, we headed back to Kiddie Beach and lunch.

We all remarked that it was a fun and learning day on the water.

That is the way it was this 1st of July 2018.
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