What the Wind Blew In
Sunday June 24
By: Robert Tongen
This morning there was a fair wind, overcast skies, but warm temps. When I got to the harbor Keith Elliot was sitting planeing a new redwood paddle, that he would use today. Peter O'Sullivan, Keith Elliott, and I met Ed Sun, who had driven up from Orange County, to paddle his new Necky Tempest 165 for the first time. We decided a harbor paddle would be the best way for him to get used to the kayak.

We were pushed by an increasing wind as we headed north in the harbor. We soon found that Ed was going to be a strong paddler, as he was usually in the lead. Looked very comfortable and even dug water out of his day hatch like he had done it many times. The water was warm and as we got further toward the north part of the harbor the water got darker and then really started to stink from an algae bloom.

Coming back to Kiddie Beach it was a slog against the wind all the way. We stopped to stretch at Kiddie Beach and talked briefly with CKF member Terry Sobolewsky. We then headed for the pond to stretch Ed's skill level. He was reluctant, but game, but when the wind was pushing good sized waves past the south end of the jetty into the channel, we decided to turn back.

By noon we were all tired, primarily from paddling into the wind, so adjourned for lunch.

Glad Ed Sun decided to have company on his first kayak paddle and hope to see him again every so often. If anyone in Orange County is interested in adding a paddling participant, contact me and I will share his email address.

That is the way it was this first Summer Sunday in 2018.
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