Kiddie Beach Launch
Sunday June 17
By: Robert Tongen
Many of us drove in rain on our way to paddle this morning, but there was no rain while we prepared and paddled. This was the first time we at CKF as a group were able to again launch our kayaks from Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor. Here is a link to the article written by CKF member George Miller in The Citizens Journal.
Ribbon Cutting for Hard-Fought New Oxnard Kiddie Beach Paddle Craft Launch Lane | Citizens Journal

Ribbon Cutting for Hard-Fought New Oxnard Kiddie Beach Paddle Craft Laun...
By George Miller Today (6-15-18), County District 5 Supervisor John Zaragosa and staff put on a festive celebrat...

Bob Glickman and Lance Pillsbury were the first to launch and they paddled south, but did not hear where they paddled to. Soon Peter O'Sullivan, Keith Elliott, and Dick Brannon, followed by Jory Kahn, Marc Mayes, and myself. We paddled calm seas and winds with swells under overcast skies, heading north up the beach. On the way we watched about a half dozen dolphins surfing in the waves and one even came up covered in kelp.

A ways after the Mandolay Beach Resort, Peter, Dick and I turned back while the rest continued past the power plant, a total distance of more than 10.8 miles. One of their highlights was to see a fish about 4 feet long jump straight up out of the water. Some speculated that it was a type of shark, but with no freeze framed picture it was mostly guesswork.

Peter, Dick and I practiced our surf landing and launch as well as a back and leg stretch in small surf. Once again I learned it is best to fit your skirt before launching into sneaker waves.

While we were cleaning up, a double wooden kayak landed after a weekend paddling and camping trip to Santa Cruz Island. There were 4 paddlers that left on Friday for a 8 hour paddle to their campground. 2 paddlers decided to take the Island Packer's boat back while the other 2 made the trip in 6 hours.

We had some discussion on the planned Safety Practice Day on August 19. A draft flyer is attached for your information.

That is the way it was on Father's Day 2018.

Robert Tongen Reporting


Who: California Kayak Friends - Ventura County
What: Kayak Safety Rescue Skills Practice Day (No Cost to Attend!)
Open to all kayakers, sit in or sit on tops, CKF Membership not required.
Where: Kiddie Beach, Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard CA
When: 09:00 - 12:00 AM Sunday August 19, 2018
(Need to be ready to Launch by 09:00!)
How: The event will be held with these primary goals:
1. When you tip over in a kayak, test and know your ability to self rescue.
2. When a paddling partner tips over in a kayak, and needs help, test and know your ability to help rescue them.
3. Learn to do numbers 1. and 2. above and how to do them more efficiently.

Prepare to launch no later than 9:00 AM. Wear a PFD. Dress for immersion. If in a sit in kayak, a skirt is required.

Kayak needs to have watertight compartments. If your sit inside kayak does not have fore and aft bulkheads, appropriately fitted airbags need to be in place.

You will be in the water, you will get wet, you will need to get back in your kayak with or without help.

Why: CKF has regularly held these events to keep paddling safely.

This became very important on June 10, 2018, when a kayak fisherman was in the water and could not get back in his boat. His fishing partner did not know how to help. A group of CKF paddlers came across them at the south end of the breakwater outside Channel Islands Harbor. Peter O’Sullivan led the rescue, helped by Bob Glickman and Lance Pillsbury, draining the swamped kayak and assisting the fisherman back into his kayak. Without these “Practice Days” we would not have been able to efficiently help these paddlers out of trouble.

Kiddie Beach Park in Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard is located on S Victoria Ave, just south of the Coast Guard Station.,+Oxnard,+CA+93035/@34.1636716,-119.2320972,14.9z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x80e84e24eb6b34ad:0x2e69d127d86f67be!8m2!3d34.1597058!4d-119.2219986

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