Follow the Pelicans
Sunday June 3
By: Robert Tongen
Maryke Brannon, Mark Mayes, Keith Elliott, Peter O'Sullivan, Joe Barrett, Dick Brannon and I launched by 9:00 on a nice warm morning at Channel Islands Harbor from Hobie Beach. We were impressed when Joe was one of the first on the water. (Of course he had had a couple of weeks to build up strength and courage to be so adventuresome.) We headed south, into the wind, out of the pond.

Keith, fresh from paddling 201 miles in May, (That is only 324 kilometers!) suggested we follow the pelicans. That being as good an idea as any, we were soon spotting common dolphins jumping and splashing where the pelicans were diving. Mark was excitedly shouting, there, there, there, as he spotted them. This occurred several times in several locations during the morning.

Mark, Dick and Keith headed on to the Port Hueneme Buoy and along the LA JENELLE breakwater experiencing the large swells and reflective waves. They then headed to the Oxnard Harbor breakwater and traversed the outside in both directions. Mark was impressed with the difference in the waves at each breakwater and direction travelled.

In the meantime the rest of us practiced our surf landings and launches, in small swells, feeling good that we were experts at it. One wave got Peter sideways on the beach, but when another came it pointed him toward the shore, so he simply and what appeared to be easily, simply launched backward. While standing on the beach we spotted several bottlenose dolphins plying the waters in the pond.

Arriving back at Hobie Beach it was a bit busy with kayaks, rafts, and SUPs launching and landing.

At lunch we had some discussion on when to hold a kayak skills practice day. Stay tuned we will plan a Sunday, so hopefully the tides, allow enough beach to allow several boats to launch and land simultaneously.

That is the way it was, following the pelicans, this low tide Sunday in June.
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