Lifeguard to the rescue?
Sunday May 27
By: Robert Tongen
This morning at Channel Islands Harbor it was sunny, warm, with little wind. Lance Pillsbury launched from Hobie Beach on just a spit of dirt. Keith Elliott, Bob Glicksman, Peter O'Sullivan and I launched from the East Side Day Dock near the Kayak EZ Launch. Keith near 7:00 AM and the rest of us just before 9:00.

We all decided to head for the Port Hueneme buoy heading into a slight SSW wind. Arriving at the buoy we were greeted Lances girlfriends, some floating on the water, larger ones wedged onto the buoy. Soon Bob, Keith, and Lance headed to the Hueneme pier and Peter and I made a clockwise loop toward the breakwater. Paddling North on the outside of the breakwater was a hoot with large swells hitting the breakwater reflecting good sized waves back toward us. We poked in the pond for a bit and watched 3 dolphins swimming slowly back and forth. Several power boats headed right toward them to get a better look. Two sounded nearly on Peter's bow. We then paddled back on the outside of the breakwater heading south. It was different with more of a following sea and not as much fun.

Sitting at the south end of the breakwater and watching and feeling the surge coming around the end, thought of Lee Shurie and how he enjoyed playing in it. Soon Keith and Lance arrived and we headed north on the outside of the breakwater again. It was just as much fun. We decided to call it a day and headed back to our launch area.

This was the first day lifeguards are on duty. We watched a kayak head to land at Kiddie Beach, and the lifeguard turned the paddler around to go to Hobie Beach.

Keith has experimented with the seat in his kayak and lowering himself a couple inches by sitting on a foam pad gain great stability and it was fun to watch him like he was paddling a new boat. He put in more than 11 miles today.

That is the way it was this Sunday before Memorial Day 2018.

Robert Tongen reporting.
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