Grey Surprise
Sunday May 20
By: Robert Tongen
Checking the NOAA weather before leaving for Channel Islands Harbor this morning it predicted light wind 5 kt or less and partly sunny skies for this morning. Driving down Victoria to the harbor the flags were blowing straight out and everything was dark grey. The wind cut right through the lighter garb we had chosen to wear this morning.

Lance Pillsbury, Joe Barrett, Peter O'Sullivan, Keith Elliott, and I launched from Hobie Beach about 9:00 AM. Predicted water temp of 59 felt about right as we got in. The swell and wind waves in the pond were from 2 directions and at short intervals. Peeking out from the breakwater there were some 8 foot swells in close order and choppy wind waves, so not being dressed warm, we turned and played in the pond. The pond is getting to be a real fun place to play with strong rip current and shallow making for longer waves rolling in. We paddled there, but after getting wet and chilled from the splashing waves, we headed into the harbor. Keith and I landed at Hobie Beach to stretch our legs. We soon launched again and joined with the others further up in the harbor. There are a lot of seals in the harbor and we paddled by what looked like 3 young ones chasing each other in a vertical circle. Really strange!

We got chilled again as we cleaned up and changed clothes. Some enjoyed hot tea at lunch.

Joe Barrett told us that his son, and CKF member is coming from North Carolina for Memorial Day weekend. We hope they will paddle with us next week.

That is the way it was, this Sunday before the lifeguards man the beaches next weekend.

Robert Tongen reporting.
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