Then They Were Gone
Sunday May 13
By: Robert Tongen
We drove through light rain on the way to Channel Islands Harbor this morning. Keith Elliot had already launched when Peter O'Sullivan and I reached the dock by the EZ Launch. Under a prediction of light winds and 1 to 2 foot swells, we headed out. As we came out of the channel and into the pond we were greeted by a small pod of bottlenose dolphins lazilly heading north, but we could not catch them. Then they were gone!

It was near high tide and there were large spouts of water crashing up over the breakwater. We estimated some of the swells to be as much as 8 feet. We headed into the NW wind and soon saw a few pelicans diving into the water, so paddled that way. As we got closer we could see a number of dolphins in the fray too. Soon we were surrounded by white sided dolphins chasing fish from every direction splashing and jumping. It was fun to watch and a rare treat anymore. We noticed the water was significantly warmer, so we speculated the temp was bringing the bait fish to the area. Then they were gone!

We watched the same Manson dredge boats as last week, but this time there were 3 of them and they were further out to sea. We were able to see the largest boat towing dredging pipes for maybe a half mile and the smaller boat seemed to be tending the end of the pipe. They were headed south. And then they were gone!

We drifted in the wind, waves, and current from the north to south end of the breakwater. We were
surprised how quickly this happened. Heading back to the pond we noticed some of the large waves crashing at Silver Strand Beach. There were some real rollers hitting Hollywood Beach too. Looking for a change we headed back into the harbor, commenting on the lack of activity on the water or beaches.

Keith pointed out a large fishing boat with net and tender, named Stealth had several signs on it saying "No Trespassing, US Marshals". We speculated how and why the signs got on the boat. Peter called it a day and Keith and I made a trip around the island. And then they were gone! No one went to lunch.

An apology and correction to the report last week. The new paddler referenced incorrectly as Georgy, is really named Jory Kahn.

That is the way it was this Mothers Day 2018.

Robert Tongen reporting.
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