Gale Force Wind?
Sunday April 29
By: Robert Tongen
Bob Glicksman, Peter O'Sullivan, Keith Elliot and I launched from the East Side Day Dock in Channel Islands Harbor this morning. We discussed what the wind was going to do, and as we talked the wind started shifting from the NE to E then SE. By the time we were on the water the wind was out of the south. Passing the Harbor Patrol we noted the gale force wind pendant was up. Paddling out the harbor mouth we looked in vain for Lance Pillsbury at Hobie Beach. We did meet the two women that paddle their 3 part kayak from the boat ramp behind Von's. They said there was dolphins in the pond.

Reaching the pond the dolphins were gone but were greeted by large sprays of water coming over both ends of the breakwater. We made a slow circle around the breakwater on 5 foot swells but the wind had all but died. On the top of the swells we scanned for gray whales. 12 were reported headed north at Palos Verdes yesterday. The only thing we saw were 2 small dolphins. As the wind picked up from the west we headed into the harbor. Another 2 dolphins were seen in the pond.

After paddling around the island in the harbor we loaded up and headed out.

That is the way it was this last Sunday in April 2018.

Robert Tongen reporting.
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