Rip Tide
Sunday April 8
By: Robert Tongen
There were 5 CKF paddlers at Channel Islands Harbor, launching about 9:00. Lance Pillsbury and Keith Elliott launched from some sand as the tide was going out at Hobie Beach. Peter O'Sullivan, Joe Barrett, and I launched from the Kayak EZ Launch area. I was calm and sunny as we prepared to launch suckering some into not putting on that extra layer or jacket.

We joined up when Lance and Keith showed up at the EZ Launch pier. It was a leisurely paddle through the harbor, but when we turned into the channel we could feel the wind picking up. By the tme we got to the pond it was really blowing from the north. 5 foot swells were making the beach and pond full of rough water and nasty surf. We spotted a baby seal that had something wrapped around its neck and was struggling in the water. Animal rescue had been called. The last we saw it had climbed up on the rocks at the breakwater.

We battled against the wind to the north end of the breakwater and tested some of the swells coming over. It was a easy ride back to the south end and checking on the seal again. Some of the less well dressed paddlers headed back into the harbor to enjoy the sun out of the wind. We checked out the breakers on the south end of the breakwater and could have been victims of some swells that started to break.

Becoming chilled, we headed back into the pond where the water was calmer because the wind had swung to the west. It was interesting watching the large sandbar that has built up, become an island as the strong rip tide washed a channel through it. 8 early teen girls came walking out in swim suits, dropped their towels and headed into the degree water. They played there for a long time and did not seem to get cold.

We got chilled riding the swells and called it a day.

It was a good day on the water, enjoying the sun, waves, and wind.

That is the way it was this first Sunday in April, 2018.

Robert Tongen reporting.

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