Still Winter Paddling
Sunday March 18
By: Robert Tongen
There were 8 paddlers that braved mid 40 degree temps with a strong breeze out of the NE. A new paddler, Ron (Do not remember a last name.) in a Necky and Lance Pillsbury launched from Hobie Beach. Bob Glickman was first to launch from the Eastside Day Dock followed by Keith Elliot and myself. Maryke Brannon, Dick Brannon, and Joe Barrett launched from the Kayak EZ Launch.

We all had hopes of spotting a whale. Bob soon met Lance and they were off to the Hunememe Buoy and Pier. The rest of us soon followed and paddled through the calm pond and headed out the north end of the breakwater. This is where we met Ron. It was slow paddle out in a circle hoping to spot our first whale of the year. There was a swell big enough if we got separated from each other it was hard to spot them. There was a small ripple on the water from the wind.

Coming back to the south end of the breakwater we met up with Bob and Lance. None of us saw a whale or much other wildlife. Even birds were scarce. It was still chilly as we cleaned and loaded up. We could still see a dusting of snow on the mountains in the distance.

That is the way it was, between rains, this Sunday in March.

Robert Tongen reporting.

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