Sunday Paddle
Sunday February 25
By: Keith Elliott
After checking around both parking lots in case anyone came by, I launched at Hobie at 8:45. The water was like a mirror. Went out to the pond for a bit, was just going around the north end of the breakwater when the wind came as if a switch had been thrown. It was tough getting back to the harbor channel, where the wind tunnel effect was pretty bad-took another 15 minutes to reach Hobie from there, where I felt lucky to have been able to land. The guy who usually launches the blue and yellow SOTs from Hobie came struggling back about the same time.

As I was waiting for enough strength to come back to my arms to cartop the boat, Kevin from Camarillo with a yellow Looksha drove up-he had been driving around trying to find the CKF gang. He decided to paddle in the harbor as the sudden onset wind was lessening. He hadnít found the launch at Curlew, so I drove over there and met him dockside. He wants to keep trying to hook up with CKF. Dave with the blue SOT was there as well, with similar wind stories, as was Joe (another retired firefighter) with the green Old Town and white dog we see often.

Looks great outside now; I should have waited a couple of hours. It was a good day to not be paddling at 9 AM.

Keith Elliott

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