Glistening Water Paddle
Sunday February 18
By: Robert Tongen
This morning at Channel Islands Harbor Lance Pillsbury launched from Hobie Beach while Bob Glicksman, Keith Elliott, Peter O'Sullivan, and I from the Kayak EZ Launch area. A NE breeze was picking up as we headed out the channel. Bob and Lance headed south. The rest paddled north to the Mandalay Bay Resort. Before reaching the resort the breeze dropped so we had glassy glistening surface for easy paddling. We made a slow large counterclockwise circle hoping to spot whales. Well they must have planned a matinee or evening performance, but there was no morning show!

We caught up with lance at Hobie, but there was no whale performance he and Bob.

It was a beautiful day for paddling and we appreciated it.

That is the way it was this Sunday in February.

Robert Tongen reporting.

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