In Search of Whales
Sunday February 4
By: Robert Tongen
At Channel Island Harbor Lance Pillsbury and Marc Mayes launched from Hobie Beach, while Maryke Brannin, Peter O'Sullivan, Bob Glicksman, Keith Elliott, Dick Brannin and I launched from the EZ Kayak Launch area. Keith reported seeing 2 humpback whales and a close encounter with a grey whale on Thursday, so we were primed for the hunt. It was a warm, still, clear morning. The outrigger canoe group was preparing a single, a 3 person and a 6 person canoe to paddle. Bob quickly launched and headed off to join Mark and Lance. They headed south from the channel.

Just after we launched the outrigger canoe group launched from the boat ramp. as they were turning to head toward the channel the 6 person capsized. Peter and Maryke loaned them pumps to help in bailing when the boat was righted. Soon the canoe's headed off ahead of us.

Reaching the pond it was perfectly flat with no surf. We decided to make a large counter clockwise circle around the breakwater and look for whales. Conditions were perfect with glassy water and the sun reflecting off it, any spout or breach would have really stood out. Nothing!

Discouraged, we headed back to the landing area, noticing Lance and Marc's vehicles were still there so we weren't sure where they went. Arriving back at the landing we saw Bob had his boat loaded and ready to head home. He reported that Marc, Lance, and he saw a whale and followed it for quite a while near the Hueneme Pier. We don't know where Marc or Lance went after that. We did see Marc, with boat loaded leaving the harbor.

Three of us had lunch and headed home.

That is the way it was this Super Bowl Sunday.

Robert Tongen reporting.

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