New Years Day Paddle Report
Wednesday January 3
By: Steve Wilson

Blake, Lenora, Howard, Duane, Bob, Meri, Dick, Maryke, Margaret, Louai, Richard, and I brought in the new year with a paddle down the OC coastline Sunday.

Coming out of Newport Harbor we turned left, same direction as we usually go. The coast here is full of interesting rock formations separated by perfect little sand beaches along the way.

Sunday was about the calmest day that I've ever paddled on the Pacific Ocean. At Big Arch Rock three of us were hanging out under the arch, where you usually don't risk more than one boat at a time and you keep paddling through it. I'd like to say that a few of us bravely landed through the surf at Toxic Creek Beach and we did in fact land but the surf size, if mentioned at all, would be an inflated number of inches.

We met at the legendary Fireside for lunch. Dick showed up holding a $400 paddle that I'd left at the boat wash. Thank you, thank, thank you! I brought along my old black Ovation guitar to ring in the new year. We've been making music together since 1984. As usual I got lost in a couple of tunes. Tom Petty's "Learning To fly" got a "learning to roll verse". It has been a joy to play with and for my kayak friends for all these years. Here's to another year at sea. Happy New Year!


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