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5/16/2011 CKF Board Composition
In recent years the CKF Board was composed of 4 members (including the President). This could result in a tie vote. We would like to change to an un-even number.
Shall the CKF Board be composed of three members or five members?... more
1/6/2011 CKF Fest 2011
The CKF Fest is generally held at Alamitos Bay in May. We will apply for a permit soon.
What date do you prefer for the CKF Fest this year?... more
11/17/2006 Boat Ownership
How many boats do you own?... more
11/17/2006 Boat Styles
This poll is for fun - to see what style of boats people own. If you have more than one boat click the one you use the most.
What style of boat do you own?... more
11/16/2006 Santa Rosa Elk Hunting
Santa Rosa Island, in the Channel Islands National Park, is currently populated with non-native Elk for the purpose of hunting. Private parties pay the rancher (not the National Park Service) for the privelege of hunting on the island.
Should Elk hunting on Santa Rosa Island be discontinued and the Elk removed from the island?... more